Attention: Awesome Moms and Dads! Are you looking to kickstart your child's weekend with a burst of fun, fitness, and creativity? Look no further…


Experience fun and fitness with our energetic and inspiring kids dance classes. THE ARMY DC’s KIDS CLASSES have got you covered with every lesson you need to become a dance star with our heart-pumping, joy-filled dance sessions!

Kids Classes Starting from 20th April 2024

Come to Our OPEN DAY Extravaganza!

Imagine a day where your whole family can join for just £5 – that’s right, one ticket covers everyone! With freebies, kids’ merchandise, taster classes, and a buzzing party atmosphere, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

And the cherry on top? A masterclass with the sensational Felix – you might know him from Britain’s Got Talent!

Why Should You and Your Family Come to DC Army School?

Learn From The Best

Get insights and tips from top-notch dancers like Felix.​

All Are Welcome

It doesn’t matter if your child is a dance newbie or a mini pro, there’s fun for every level.

Boost Your Child's Happiness

Dancing is the perfect way to let loose, have fun, and soak up positive vibes.

Discover A New Passion

This might just be the day your child falls in love with dance.

THE ARMY DC Kids Club –

Where Every Child Is a Star!


Only Kids Commercial Classes:

Age : 7 - 11

Wednesdays: 4:30 Pm to 5:30 PM

£54+5% transaction fee a month

John Madejski Academy in Reading £20 trial

Only Kids Commercial Classes:

Age : 11-15

Tuesdays: 6:00 Pm to 7:00 PM

£54+5% transaction fee a month

John Madejski Academy in Reading £20 trial

Why Enroll Your Child in THE ARMY DC's Kids Classes?

  • Our instructors love creating a fun and memorable dance experience for your child

  • Our classes are designed to accommodate children of all ages, so no matter if your little one is just starting out or already has some dance experience, they will have the opportunity to find their rhythm.

  • Allow your child to freely express themselves, have fun, and release their energy in a secure and supportive environment. Be free, be fearless, be fabulous!

  • Take a break from the routine. Our dance classes are the perfect way for your child to enjoy the benefits of physical activity while also having a ton of fun.

  • Fitness can be fun! Our classes are designed to keep your child moving to the rhythm and loving every minute of it.

Grab a Spot for Your Little Star !

Join THE ARMY DC's Kids Classes and watch your child's confidence dance to new heights!

Remember, our classes fill up quickly, so don’t delay. This is your child’s chance to shine, socialize, and develop new skills in a vibrant dance setting.​

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Kids Classes:

Physical Fun

Hip-hop isn't just cool, it's a sneaky way to get fit!

Expect improved coordination, flexibility, and some serious cardiovascular fun.

Mind Matter

Dance does wonders for the mind.

Watch as your child's self-esteem grows, their stress goes away, and their ability to express themselves gets better.

Friends Galore

Our classes are a social hotspot.

Expect improved coordination, flexibility, and some serious cardiovascular fun.

And Here’s Why You’ll Trust Us

Pro Coaches

At THE ARMY DC, we're all about making dance fun and rewarding for your kiddo. Our teachers? They're awesome – not just because they can dance, but because they really care about each and every child. We're big on cheering, high-fives, and helping each child be their best.

Convenient? You Bet!

Saturday mornings just got easier. Drop your kiddo off (ages 5 and up) and take a well-deserved breather. Come back to a child who's had the best start to their weekend – ever!

Age-Right Vibes

We're all about the positive beats. Our music is current, kid-friendly, and always carrying a message that uplifts and energizes.

Safety First

With our double-teacher policy, clean and safe facilities, and a watchful eye at every step, your child's wellbeing is our top priority.

Value-Packed Fun

Transparent costs, fantastic value – it's all about giving your child an enriching experience without breaking the bank.

But Wait, There's More…​

Spotlight Moments

Every year, our kids gain confidence at our showcase. It's about family, friendship, and cheering each other on to greatness.

Walk In The Spotlight

Competitions, MOVE IT performances, and year-round showcases – for the go-getters, the dreamers, and the future stars, the sky's the limit!​

"The teachers were so lovely, so fun..."

Penelope Burton

​11 years old


A- Never ALONE (You’ll never be left to feel alone)

R- Always REMEMBERED (An experience and friendships you’ll never forget)

M- Untouchable MINDSET (Leave feeling 100x better than when you first

Y- Do YOU (Be completely and unapologetically yourself)

We are the cool kids who also take the progress and personal lives of our students seriously. We are the school who provide the kids with certificates and grades, guarantee progress, allow them to express themselves in choreography classes, nurture them through positive and passionate coaching, support their professional or non-professional dance career whilst putting inclusivity, support, positivity and loving their reflection at the start of our priority list.

At THE ARMY DC, we cultivate a transformative experience where professional dance training converges seamlessly with a profound emphasis on fostering a resilient yet kind-to-self mindset and prioritizing mental health. Our mission is to empower dancers not only through exceptional training but also by nurturing their mental and emotional well-being, ensuring they evolve into artists who thrive both on and off the dance floor and love their reflection in and out the studio.

We offer dancers the opportunity to perform on huge stages such as MOVE IT, our annual showcase, compete as a team, successfully pass through their grades in ballet, tap, jazz and modern all the way from age 18 months to joining our teen academy to prep dancers for the professional world, all the way a huge variety of adult open classes including all abilities, with varying styles such as hiphop, commercial, afro, heels, contemporary.

We are the dance school that takes you to the top of YOUR game and beyond.

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